Streaming services

LEMON Event Support covers the full range of live video concepts:

From webinars to TV-style live shows and from conferences to product launches.

Our team of highly skilled professionals can take care of the total concept and production of your show using only high-end broadcast equipment.

We can stream your content on any desired platform such as Youtube, Facebook or embedded in your website.

After the production, our internal video department helps you getting the most out of the live video for you. Thanks to our fast editing and publishing options, we are sure that this special content will be ‘live’ for a long time!

Streaming studio

LEMON Event Support and Van der Valk Hôtel Luxembourg are joining forces

to offer their customers a permanent state of the art Video Streaming Studio just 20 minutes from Luxembourg city.

Webinars, online meetings, training sessions, remote streaming, panel discussions, … Take advantage of a team of professionals, high end equipment and modern hotel facilities.

More information:

Streaming Studio

Hybrid events

Hybrid events: combining the best of the virtual and physical worlds

Although it has hit us hard, the COVID-19 pandemic has also been a breath of fresh air for the events sector. Faced with our new way of living, LEMON Event Support got creative and started dreaming up new and original ways of getting people together. Hybrid events are one such solution, taking the best of physical world events and combining them with the benefits of virtual.

Webinars, team meetings, study groups, executive panels, sales kickoffs, conferences and trade shows, product demonstrations,…

LEMON Event Support will help you identify the goals of your hybrid event, as well as gather all the tools you need to execute on these goals effectively